Friday, February 1, 2013

Here's an opinion piece I thought I'd never see: Should Jews Leave Britain?

As British society becomes increasingly anti-Zionist, Anglo-Jewry will have to dissociate from Israel to remain welcome in Britain.  The process has already begun. Douglas Murray, Spectator.

After researching and writing extensively about the Jewish readmission to England in 1656, it is heartbreaking to me that anyone in the Jewish community in England would feel today the hatred their brethren felt over 350 years ago.

At the end of his piece, Murray writes, "But what is becoming increasingly clear is that the price of that future is that Jews will increasingly be expected to distance themselves from Israel." And he warns, "But the same force that they encouraged to come for their co-religionists will then just as surely come for them. And then where will they hide?"

Judaism exists outside out its connection to or support of the state of Israel. I'm not saying there is no relationship between the two, but Judaism grew and thrived without Israel for hundreds of years. It is a mistake for anyone to impose on all Jews a responsibility for the actions of the state of Israel. What Israel does or does not do to the Palestinians is an Israeli matter, not a Jewish one.

I'm also disturbed by Murray's fear-mongering final statement. Is there no reason for a Jew to support Israel other than as a back-up plan? It's almost as if he's saying Israel has no other reason to exist other than as a safe haven for Jews around the world and that if Jews do not support Israel, right or wrong, they will suffer in the end.

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