Friday, July 5, 2013

The French apartment

Here are some photos of our apartment as promised:

The kitchen is small, but very efficient. The stove top has a cover that serves as extra counter space when the stove is not being used. The washing machine opens on the side, leaving its top for counter space as well. The large windows over the sink open fully, ensuring that the small space doesn't get too hot when we’re cooking.

The view from the front door. To the right is the kitchen, to the left is the living room. The closed doors you see lead to the closets, the bathroom, and the kids’ rooms. There is only one bathroom, but as in most French homes, the toilet is separate from the rest of the bathroom. I understand now the term WC (water closet). The windowless toilet room is so small you can’t extend your arms in any direction. Thankfully none of us are tall. Otherwise our knees would be pressing against the door while using the toilet. The bathroom is much more spacious with large, frosted windows that let in light while preserving privacy.

The yellow bedroom has a Juliette balcony overlooking the street side of the apartment. The blue bedroom leads out to the large balcony that overlooks a green space at the back of the building.

The large balcony as viewed from the living room doorway. As you can see, the large balcony is where we put our clothes line as the apartment does not have a clothes dryer. We also have a foldable dry rack for clothes as well.

A set of French doors lead from the hallway to the living room. There’s a large sideboard cupboard behind the door for storage. Our bedroom doors are to the left of the window. We don’t have a balcony, but like all the other rooms in the apartment, our room has large windows that let in a lot of air and light.

This is the view from the living room windows. You can see how far up we are as we look out at rooftops and tree tops. There are 56 steps up to our apartment. Seven sets of eight steps. I count them every time I climb them. 

There is a large grocery store just two blocks away from our building. My first purchase there was a granny chariot. To be fair, everyone uses these shopping bags, not just old women. You can't tell if a store or movie theater is full of people by looking at the parking lot because people walk everywhere they can. It's not that the French are health conscious or have nothing better to do. The reason is that gas is about $8.00 per gallon and there are not a lot of parking spaces available even if you can afford the gas for minor trips. 

I am posting this blog from the public library, which is about two miles from our apartment. We walk there every day to check our email and do other work because we don't have internet access in the apartment yet and we won't for a few more weeks. But that is another story for another blog.

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  1. Oh I love it! This is too much fun! Keep it coming!